Personalise your Bucket Hats from a range of models and color options to choose from. Send us your design or logo to create your custom Bucket Hats.

Popular choices of print are Print and Cut, Embroidery and Sublimation giving a distinctive look when worn with uniforms or for fashion. Also grabs attention during events and can be used as give aways during exhibitions enhancing brand retention.

The bucket hat is perfect for a corporate giveaway, prefect with a custom design on it, these bucket hats gives a fun flair to its wearer. Whether you’re on the boat fishing or just hanging out outside, our bucket hat is comfortable, lightweight, and comes in a multitude of colors.

Customize the inside and outside with 2 completely different designs and choose between a narrow or wide brim custom bucket hat – both are equally trendy. Made from a soft, comfortable canvas with either a matte canvas or matte oilcloth finish, your bucket hat is the perfect accessory for camping holidays, skateboarding, festivals or simply just to keep the sun’s rays at bay.

This reversible custom Bucket Hats allows two designs. Our personalized bucket hat allows total inside and outside customization. Made with a choice of three fabrics. Design your own bucket hat online here. Add a design, photos, make a collage on both the inside and outside. Add your own logo to create your awesome bucket hats too.

Brand Promotion

Advertise your product to a vast audience at economical price. Alongside other wearable branded items, personalised Bucket Hats can offer the perfect way to expand your branding efforts. Choose from an array of colors and styles to match your brand identity.


Caps are also good to use at staff events or corporate events. Whenever your staff or customers are wearing your branded head covering, they’ll be advertising your logo to the world. Offering a good quality ensures that your promotional items stay with your customers for a long duration. As a promotional item, caps can be worn indoor, or outdoors, to protect people from the sun, or to act as a simple fashion statement.


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