Enhance your logo and bring your designs to life. Spot Gloss (aka Spot UV) lets you add transparent shine anywhere on your Business Cards. While the Soft Touch finish of the Super paper makes that glossiness look EVEN glossier.

Your business is one of a kind. Shouldn’t your business cards be unique, too? Embossed business cards (also known as spot UV business cards) create a look and feel that’s different from the norm. We use a raised, clear polymer to make your text, logo and visuals stand out with a 3D, glossy shine. Which makes you stand out to customers.

Our raised spot UV finish brings even the unprinted parts of your design to life with shininess

Highlight a logo, company name or design with a Spot-UV finish and get that element of effortless sophistication. Spot UV Business Cards are both appealing to the eye and surprisingly affordable, when compared with other select premium finishes.

What is Spot-UV?

Spot UV printing is a technique in which UV coating is applied to a designated part of your business card so that it pops off the paper with a glossy finish in direct contrast with the rest of the cardstock, color and texture. You could say that the Spot-UV process is like a highlighter bringing attention to a key part of your business cards.

With Spot-UV, the contrast between gloss and uncoated finish creates a visual as well as a tactile experience for the senses. No wonder, it is one of the more popular finishes for professionals and business owners.

When opting for Spot-UV over other finish techniques, remember to only use coated paper stock in order to guarantee the best outcome. Using uncoated papers can sometimes lead the UV coating to bleed into the paper leaving very little of it on the surface.


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