Wristbands are promotional items that can be used for the fundraising, events, and some charitable activities.

At SmartBrief we product top quality bands which are made of silicone. All our silicone wristbands are made of the latex, we are one of the leading suppliers of customized silicone wristbands in Lagos

We offer a variety of Personalized Printed Silicone Wristbands in order to provide a perfect experience of wristbands to our clients.

We also offer custom silicone wristbands with the debossed personalization in which the text and graphics are laser etched on the bands.

Personalized Printed Silicone Wristbands with the embossed personalization have text and graphics raised up from band. Bands give you an opportunity to personally feel the letters and graphics and they can also have the ink imprinted on the raised surface of band which creates a unique 3 D look

Wristbands Usage
  • For Fundraising
  • Corporate Events
  • Musical Shows
  • Political Events and the list goes on…



Imprinting method is simply screen-printing onto the surface of the wristband. Imprinted wristbands is the most cost-effective type of silicone wristband, in addition to being the easiest to produce.


Debossing is a method in which text or graphics are engraved on the surface of the wristband using a laser debossing machine.


When a wristband is deboss-filled, it undergoes the same laser etching process as when a wristband is debossed. However, this is followed by manually filling the text or graphics with ink so as to make them stand out.


Embossed is when the text or design appear raised instead of being depressed like when a wristband has been engraved


Emboss-printed wristbands are also embossed wristbands, but the surface of the raised text or graphics are painted with ink to make them really pop out.


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