X Banners


X Banners are convenient branding tools that can fit in a very compact space and are very light to carry. They are also cost effective as compared to the Rollup Stands. The biggest difference between a Rollup Stand and an X Banner is the convenience of changing the graphic. In a rollup stand you may require a little bit of expertise whereas graphic on an X Banner can be changed by anyone.

Available X-Shaped banner Sizes:

Different X-Shaped banner stands supporting graphic dimension of 60 cm (W) x 160 cm(H), 120cm(W) x 200 cm(H), 50/80 cm (W) x 150/160 cm(H) and more.

X Banners are available in different sizes to meet almost all such requirements. We have all the available sizes with us and can provide with these in large quantity on urgent basis. Refer to all the available sizes below and checkout their technical details as well.

SmartBrief offers the best X banner design and printing services in Lagos. We offer X banner indoor, X banner outdoor, X banner stand design, etc. We are specialized in the design, manufacture, printing, and installation of X Banners.

X Banner is a perfect solution for exhibitions, point of sale and trade shows where cost and transportation are an issue.

Digitally printed on a non-curl banner vinyl and tensioned on a lightweight fibreglass frame, the X Banner is a great way to cost consciously get your message out there.


  • A cost-effective display solution.
  • Takes less than 1 min to setup.
  • Fast turnaround time.


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